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Solid Technology Northwest is always thinking about how our technology and services will work for you.

Our team is here to provide solutions aligned with your needs, to help you cut costs, maximize your capabilities, and protect your livelihood. Perhaps the most innovative component of the cloud is its ease of customization.

With several leading industry partners, Solid Technology Northwest offers cloud services that are tailored to your needs. Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to help you fully utilize the benefits of Azure, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Our cloud computing services include:

Managed Hosting Seattle

Managed Hosting


Co-location Services in Seattle
Cloud Hosting Services in Seattle

Guidance and Support with Cloud Applications

Working with the right cloud solution offers endless benefits that reflect throughout every aspect of your business. You gain:

Seattle Cloud Services

Increased Cost Efficiency – You eliminate hardware and control costs while also avoiding the dangerous pitfalls of lost productivity due to downtime.

Proactive Security – With encryption and other proactive security measures, you have greater control over privacy and peace of mind knowing that data is secure.

Cloud Services in Seattle
Cloud Computing Services Seattle

Enhanced Collaboration – Share documents and files and collaborate on projects regardless of your location. You have access to the most important applications and tools for your needs, so projects are always completed on time and with care.

Optimal Up-time – The risk of downtime is greatly reduced, as you maintain remote access to applications, files, contacts, and so much more. Power outages and hardware issues are no longer deterrents to your productivity.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Migrations in Seattle

Flexibility and Customization – The cloud is innovatively scalable and easy to customize; we help to ensure you’re leveraging the full power of the cloud for your unique business needs.

With Solid Technology Northwest you have peace of mind knowing that, regardless of which cloud solution is best for you, our team is by your side every step of the way, from implementation to customization and maintenance, to the continued upkeep of your security measures and controls.

Get in touch with our technology experts to find the most effective cloud services and solutions for your unique requirements. Contact Solid Technology Northwest to learn more at or (425) 223-3816.