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Solid Technology Northwest believes that as your technology partner, it’s our job to offer distinctive, customizable, and wide-ranging services and solutions.

With clients working in several industries and each possessing unique requirements, our team of experts work hard to cover absolutely all of your technology needs.

We’ve developed incredible customer loyalty and retention due to our attentive listening to your needs and ability to deliver practical and easy-to-use building solutions that are flexible, economical, and provide an excellent return-on-investment.

  • Solid Technology Northwest focuses on “the Internet of things” as it relates to commercial properties. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of Internet-connected green building controls, customized for your requirements.
  • BACnet building automation systems, facility energy management systems, or simply direct digital controls, offer several potential benefits to your operations, simplifying tasks and increasing your level of control over a work environment.
  • Everything from access and authentication to customization of controls and ability is easily adjustable by our team to fit your requirements.
  • We know that controls such as HVAC and electrical are intermingling with building networks more than ever. Not only that, but engineers and occupants need to be able to access computer networks both on-premise and remotely.

Solid Technology Northwest is here to help your workforce leverage the most effective technology for your needs; to increase productivity, remove distractions, strengthen security, and streamline processes. With computer control services, we provide customized building controls aligned uniquely with your needs.

Get in touch with Solid Technology Northwest to talk about computer control services designed for your distinct business requirements. We’re proud to offer customizable solutions that provide immeasurable value to your operations; contact us at or (425) 223-3816 to learn more.