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In the legal industry, you need assurance that you’re not only able to easily manage your caseload, but also that your client data is always secure.

Our team works to remove the burden of IT from your shoulders, allowing you to stay focused on your important work, as our technology solutions support your needs.

For practices with between 10 – 100 partners, we provide services aligned uniquely with your goals and objectives. From strategic guidance and support to the most innovative IT solutions, we work around the clock to account for your diverse requirements.

Legal IT Services | IT Support For Law Firms

Our wide range of IT services are designed to make your life easier while increasing efficiency throughout your workforce. They include:

Legal IT Services Seattle

Strategic Guidance and Support – To ensure you’re leverage the full power of the most reliable and innovative solutions for your field. We’re here to help you maximize your capabilities and overcome obstacles.

Mobile Data Solutions – Making management of your caseload easier than ever, as you maintain secure access to contacts, calendars, Emails, applications, and so much more. You’re able to get work done wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Seattle Legal IT Services
IT Services For The Legal Industry Seattle

VoIP Phones – Increasing cost efficiency while offering a multitude of features that enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate.

Proactive Protection – With comprehensive monitoring and reliable network security tools, we ensure you’re always working within compliance standards for your industry and keeping confidential client data secure.

Seattle IT Services For The Legal Industry
IT Support For The Legal Industry Seattle

Business Continuity Planning – To ensure that power outages, hardware issues or targeted attacks never compromise your productivity or leave you facing downtime, lost data and unhappy clients.

Get your practice the innovative IT tools and solutions that you truly need to thrive. Contact Solid Technology Northwest to learn more about our offerings for the legal industry; get in touch with our technology experts at or (425) 223-3816.