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As a Microsoft partner and reseller, Solid Technology Northwest is always eager to help our clients benefit from the power and value of Office tools and applications.

With Microsoft Office 365, you gain mobility, protection, and innovative means of simplifying your workload and keeping productivity high.

Our team provides guidance and support to help you leverage the full power of Office 365, customizing it to your unique needs and allowing your workforce to gain the flexibility they need to truly thrive.

Making the move to the cloud is no easy task; we handle the move with care, helping you to make a quick and secure migration to Office. There, you benefit from a huge list of tools and solutions that can be leveraged to improve your processes and protection.

You benefit from:

  • Fast and secure access to contacts, calendars, documents, emails, applications, and so much more – from any device and regardless of your location.
  • Seamless collaboration between co-workers and even clients, as you’re able to easily share and edit work.
  • Customizable privacy controls to ensure that you have total control over who’s able to view documents or access files.
  • Peace of mind knowing that even when you’re facing power outages, hardware issues, or a targeted attack, you maintain remote access to all of your essential business resources, so workflow doesn’t grind to a halt.

Microsoft Office 365 maximizes your technology investment by cutting out hardware maintenance and keeping your staff productive even when a disaster hits. Solid Technology Northwest provides guidance and support to customize Office to your unique needs, allowing you to utilize the applications and tools that are most beneficial to your workforce.

Gain the convenience, protection, and mobility that only Microsoft Office 365 can provide. Solid Technology Northwest is proud to help you leverage the most effective services to strengthen your operations and positively impact your bottom line; contact us at or (425) 223-3816 to learn more.