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With employees constantly on the go and work hours no longer being confined to a 9 – 5 shift inside an office, mobile data services are more crucial to your productivity than ever.

Solid Technology Northwest knows that our clients need reliable and customized products and services designed to keep communication strong and secure.

We supply state-of-the-art cellular products and services for private businesses, first responders, government agencies, and other public organizations. Through strong, dynamic partnerships with the most innovative and reliable nationwide wireless carriers, product manufacturers, and other strategic vendors in the industry, we ensure you get exactly the mobile tools and solutions that you need to thrive.

Mobile Data Services

When we say that our team handles absolutely all of your needs, we mean it. Our mobile data services include:

  • Guidance and product selection
  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and upgrades
  • Cellular network support

Our team of experts is here to give you peace of mind knowing that you’re making the most effective investment to positively impact your bottom line.

Customization to Enhance Your Communications

We work to strengthen your communication and data transfer systems with tools strategically aligned with your needs. Offerings include hardened cases, embedded modems, remote video and remote monitoring, and external antennas designed to improve signals in certain environments.

You also benefit from our ability to help extend your network with innovate solutions such as remote solar-powered monitoring, remote monitoring of temperature readings, humidity readings, video surveillance, network redundancy, and so much more.

Get in touch with Solid Technology Northwest to discuss our wide range of reliable and innovative mobile data services designed to enhance and protect your business communications. Our team is eager to provide products and services aligned with your unique needs and budget. Contact us at or (425) 223-3816 to learn more.