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Our favorite way of getting new clients is through referrals… in fact, it’s how we have grown our business. Referrals are a very personal thing and you have our assurance that we will provide the same levels of service that you have come to expect from us.

As a thank you for your referral, we offer you a choice of a $200 Visa gift card, a donation in your name of $200 to the charity of your choosing, or a credit of $250 straight to your businesses account – helping businesses bottom line. If your referral is for a significantly larger account, we will adjust the amount accordingly.

It is easy to make a referral

Either tell us who you recommend we contact, or have them contact us directly at – once they become a client, you’ll be eligible for the referral benefit.

There No Limits!

Why stop at only one referral? Benefits will apply to each individual business or client you can refer.

Get free monitoring for life!

Once you reach ten referrals you are then eligible to receive free network monitoring as long you remain a customer of Technology Guys IT Solutions.

Is there a catch?

No. The only stipulations are the referral must be a new client, and must stay on as a client with Solid Technology Northwest for 90 days. It’s just that easy!

Call us at (425) 223-3816 or fill in the form with your referral information.