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When it comes to IT services and solutions, it’s common knowledge that no two businesses are alike.

We know that all of our clients have diverse requirements and unique goals. Unfortunately, too many IT providers forget that security solutions also need to be customized and strategic. Solid Technology Northwest offers solutions tailored to the unique risks facing your business.

Our technology experts provide solutions for vulnerabilities that are specific to your industry or operations. From security assessments to the transformation and management of your processes, Solid Technology Northwest works to ensure that you’re not crippled by data loss, downtime, compliance breaches, or reputational damage.

IT Security Consulting in the Pacific Northwest

Our customized security solutions provide a wide range of benefits, including:

The ability to strategically manage vulnerabilities and threats

Avoiding the cost of workflow disruption and downtime

Assurance that you’re meeting industry compliance standards

Maintaining trusted client relationships and preserving your reputation

Fully managed security solutions from Solid Technology Northwest include:

Security Strategy & Policy

Identity & Access Management

Incident Response & Forensics

Security Operations Centers

Data Security & Privacy

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

You benefit from a wide range of comprehensive and innovative security tools, including Email encryption and security, managed WIFI services, and proactive penetration testing to evaluate and repair any possible flaws in your network, OS, or applications.

Solid Technology Northwest is dedicated to providing strategic and reliable IT security solutions that are customized to your unique needs. Get in touch with our technology experts to gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything properly is accounted for. Contact us at or (425) 223-3816.